ATTENTION: MedicsHELP will be planning another 2015 Mission Please register your interest.

Dear paramedics,

Medics HELP would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the past year. Your contributions of time, effort and funds, as well as participation at our fundraising events is greatly appreciated.

Last January we were able to send 2 teams to Kenya to work in slums and rural areas surrounding Nairobi. While there they were able to provide medical care and administer medications and vaccinations to thousands of patients who did not otherwise have access to adequate medical care.

Since then we’ve hosted 2 additional major fundraisers in support of our future team deployments: The Wine & Cheese, and Cigar Tasting Boat Cruise in May was a great day out on the Toronto Harbour, and even resulted in a few surprise early-summer sunburns; and the Annual Mixed Slow Pitch Softball Tournament in August was once again our biggest and most successful fundraiser, with hundreds of medics from throughout the GTA coming out to enjoy a day of sportsmanship in support of a great cause.

None of these successes would be possible without your participation, and for that we are greatly appreciative.


Are you interested in the possibility of using your medical skills to aid the less fortunate in developing countries overseas?

Medics HELP is currently undertaking a recruitment drive, seeking interested paramedic and RN volunteers for future deployments to Africa. We will be holding several information sessions for prospective volunteers in the next month or so.

Medics HELP is a non-profit organization that organizes short-term volunteer missions to developing countries. Typical deployments are 3-4 weeks in duration and involve providing medical and child care at various temporary medical camps in slums, under-serviced rural communities and other areas of need. Our mission is to improve healthcare, education, community programs and orphan care within the developing world in order to help alleviate the pain and suffering associated with poverty, disease and illness. This mission is accomplished for now with short-term medical volunteer deployments to areas of need. In the near future we will be expanding our focus to include clinic-building and assisting in the establishment of healthcare programs in high-need areas in developing countries

We are currently affiliated with local organizations in the Nairobi area of Kenya, and as a result our short-term focus is to provide volunteer missions to this area where the need is great. Future plans to expand to other areas of Africa as well as to Latin America are also underway but are not yet at the deployment stage.

If you would like additional information or are interested in attending one of the upcoming info sessions please contact myself, Corey Lapalme at [email protected] or Carmelo Perricone at [email protected] . Unfortunately our website is currently under (re)construction, but once it is back up and running you may also fill out a volunteer interest form on our website We will be contacting everyone who expresses interest via email in order to set up several information and recruitment sessions where you can learn more about Medics HELP and its missions abroad. Following the information sessions we hope to be able to put a few teams together for our future deployments. Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think may be interested in attending an info session.

Thank you all for you time.


Corey Lapalme